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Green Technology


Green Technology

Fish oil has a long history in the development of health care and pharmaceutical products, ranging from the ear-ly fish oil food products to the current high Omega-3 ratio concentrated fish oil. New drugs on the market are gradually moving towards high purity and high EPA content products. Current production technology mostly us-es molecular distillation followed by multicolumn chro-matography to obtain EPA with 90% or higher EPA. Ho-wever, this process is time consuming and energy intensive; and organic solvents may be added during the pr-oduction process. Dynes Biotechnology uses the self-developed supercritical fluid simulated moving bed (SF-SMB) technology to produce high purity EPA and DHA products. The production process is kept at a low temperature and only carbon dioxide and ethanol being used.   This process produces high purity EPA and DHA while  also conforming to heavy metal and pollutant regulatio-ns to maintain high product quality.

Bed Chromatography

Because solid sorbents are highly selective, chromatography technology has always been a crucial purification technology in the industry. Chromatography technology is ubiquitous, from the development of analytical HPLC and preparative HPLC, as well as for production. If batch chromatography can be changed to continuous chromatography it can effectively increase the equipment’s manufacturing capacity and the efficiency of the sorbents, thereby significantly reducing operating costs and solvent consumption. The SMB chromatography technology is currently the most widely used continuous production technology.

SF-SMB Chromatography

Supercritical fluid (SF) has the advantages of low viscosity and high flux of gas, while maintaining the strong desorption ability of liquids. Thus, SF chromatography has low flow phase consumption and gentle physical and chemical properties, as well as lower pressure drop and high column efficiency. Generally, supercritical carbon dioxide is used as the mobile phase.

EPA, DHA and Omega-3

The combination of SF and SMB is a further innovation in chromatography application and possesses the advantages of both systems. The high purity fish oil production technology used by Dynes Biotechnology is SF-SMB chromatography technology invented by Dr. Liang Ming-Tsai of our company. This is a continuouschromatography technology that only uses carbon dioxide and ethanol. It is not only the world’s most advanced green production technology, but also the world’s only manufacturing technology that produces high purity omega-3 fatty acid that conforms to food safety specifications. As such, this technology completely conforms to the government’s promotion of the green industry. In 2019, Dyne Biotechnology established itself in the Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park and created the world’s first 20-ton SF-SMB to produce pharmaceutical and food grade EPA/DHA/Omega-3 fish oils.


The Advantages of SF-SMB Chromatography Technology:
1. Domestically developed technology and equipment with simple process and zero product pollution.
2. Low temperature and low energy production process, which retains the activity of the product.
3. The process uses carbon dioxide and ethanol, which are recycled and reused, making it a sustainable and environment-friendly process.
4. Product purity, recovery rate, and fish oil raw material utilization rate are all near 100%.

Fish Oil

A Comparison of Production Technology and Quantity of Fish Oil Sold on the Market

After refinement, fish oil can be made into fish oil products of different specifications. First, farm-raised or wild-caught fish are cooked to remove impurities. After deacidify and deodorization, they can be made into general food grade fish oil with an omega-3 content of approximately 30%. After using concentration technologies, esterification, multi-stage molecular distillation, and urea embedding, food grade fish oil can be turned into products with omega-3 content of over 50%. After SF extraction and multiple chromatography, omega-3 content can reach 70-90%. With Dynes Biotechnology’s self-developed green production technology, the resulting high purity fish oil has an omega-3 content of more than 90%. We can also produce high purity EPA (>90%) and DHA (>90%), which not only conform to current pharmaceutical market trends, but can also satisfy demand in the food material market.