Dynes Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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About us

Dynes Biotechnology

Dynes Biotechnology was founded in 2019 and set up operations in the Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park (PABP). We aim to produce high purity EPA and DHA for food and pharmaceutical use.

The investors of Dynes Biotechnology INCLUDE one of the world’s largest marine supply chain service provides; with more than 40 years of experience in the trading and marketing of marine products under strict international organizations policy. Based on sustainable management concepts, we have used our existing resources and industry chain to reinvest in the biotechnology industry, and the production of high purity fish oil. We have decided to invest in CUTTING EDGE green technology to produce refined fish oil for pharmaceutical and health care use. This HAS HELPED us expand our far-ocean fishing to the biotechnology industry, and ensures the diverse development and sustainable management of our far-ocean fishing OPERATIONS.

Providing Industries with Safe and Refined Fish Oil

Dynes Biotechnology produces 90% purity or higher Omega-3/EPA/DHA from large, environment-friendly purification chromatography equipment manufactured by Dr. Liang Ming-Tsai, LEVERAGING his 30 years of experience in chromatography technology. The Company led production, testing, and development to become the world’s first high purity fish oil manufacturer that uses SF-SMB production. Dynes Biotechnology provides THE food and pharmaceutical industries with safe refined fish oil FOR THE RAPID DEVELOPMENT OF PRODUCTS THAT MAINTAIN HEALTH AND IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE.